How YouGov helped Dtex improve organizational security

July 23, 2019, 9:29 PM GMT+0

Dtex Systems teamed up with YouGov in order to get a better understanding of the challenges government agencies are currently facing.

YouGov tapped into its panel and surveyed government employees with security clearance to reveal behaviors, tactics and understand the conscious decisions made by government workers who should be aware and mindful of their organizations security protocol. By understanding the employees and their approach to security, this would help uncover details and insights into the increase of insider threats.

The results, among government employees, when asked about personal responsibility and security within an organization, uncovered an apparent disconnect.  The survey found employees seem to be under the impression that the organizations, not the employees themselves, are fully responsible for keeping data secure and safe.

Dtex, with these results identified areas to improve organizational security, creating an awareness and educational campaign that enabled employees to take the proper steps to protect themselves from insider threats.

About Dtex:

Dtex Systems arms enterprises across the globe with revolutionary technology to protect against user threats, data breaches, and outsider infiltration. As the only solution combining unparalleled endpoint visibility with advanced analytics, Dtex is able to pinpoint threats with greater accuracy than traditional security methods without adversely impacting user productivity.

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