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Nearly seven in ten Americans (69%) believe in soulmates

Looking for love often leaves people wondering if it’s better to wait for a soulmate or just settle for with someone convenient. There may be no best answer to the age-old question, but six in ten Americans (60%) say it’s better to hold out for a soulmate (60%) than settle for somebody (11%).

On this relationship issue, many profess that they just “don’t know” which option is better (29%).

A majority of women (65%) and men (56%) feel that it’s better to hold out. Men (15%) are twice as likely as women (7%) to say they they would recommend settling. And a near equal amount from both parties are unsure on the matter.

Americans over the age of 55 (72%) are the strongest advocators of waiting for one’s soulmate, followed by those between 45 and 54 (63%). Under half of millennials (46%) between the ages of 25 and 34 think it’s better to hold out for a soulmate, and those in the same age group are the most likely to report that they are not sure (38%).

When it comes to soulmates, another YouGov Omnibus poll finds that 69% of Americans “definitely” or “somewhat” believe in the idea. Nearly a quarter of Americans (24%) report that they don’t believe in the concept of soulmates.

Differences again arise among those of different sexes and ages. A majority of women (71%)  believe in the idea of soulmates, while men (65%) are slightly less likely to say the same. Older millennials (64%), the same group examined before, are the least likely of all age groups to believe in soulmates, while Americans over the age of 55 (72%) are the most likely.

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