Middle of the road: An analysis of the automotive sector

Hoang NguyenData Journalist
January 09, 2019, 8:00 PM GMT+0

More than a century ago, the mass-manufacturing of automobiles altered American life, taking personal transportation into the mainstream and forever changing the way people go about their lives.

The industry is in the middle of a change, with concerns over climate change garnering more interest in electric vehicles. Consumers who are considering an electric vehicle are particularly tuned-in to manufacturers’ plans to go all-electric. An analysis of two automakers who have announced their intention to go all-electric – Volvo and Chevrolet – shows that these brands have enjoyed an uptick in Impression as a result.

YouGov’s latest report connects data from two powerful solutions to highlight what is happening in the automotive sector:

  • YouGov BrandIndex, a global brand tracker, reveals the top performing automakers across a range of metrics and among audiences such as parents, technology enthusiasts, and high-spenders.
  • YouGov Profiles, a consumer segmentation tool, takes a close look at a trend that has redefined the automotive industry in recent years: the decline in preference for sedans and uptick in SUV sales. It examines in-market SUV buyers and provides insights into their buying habits, media consumption, and brand preferences.
  • YouGov’s connected data products also explore whether opinions about American and foreign-made products apply to the automotive sector.
  • ​Readers can also expect a comprehensive look at car-buying habits by gender and a case study on Tesla’s brand health throughout the years.

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Image: Getty