May Buzz Improvers

Jenny HallPress Contact
May 23, 2011, 4:56 PM GMT+0

Southwest Airlines tops the US Buzz Improver list for the last 30 days with an impressive 18 point boost. Southwest Buzz scores are usually in the high 20s and low , far outstripping the rest of the category. A recent fall in consumer perception after safety related issues has been rapidly overcome and all the signs point to SouthWest Airlines soon returning to its prior perception level.

TV network A&E bounced up 8.5 points with the release of their new schedule, which debuts 10 new shows. Most chatter seems to be around “Flipped” starring “Survivor” villain Russell Hant, whose task will be to out-flip the Houston housing market.

Wal-Mart continues to rebound with its back to basics campaign, “Low Prices. Every Day. On Everything.” The campaign marks a strategic reversal away from Project Impact, which saw Wal-Mart trying to capture a more affluent shopper. The store’s Buzz Improvement has been accompanied by a jump in Value scores.

Budweiser fans expect smart advertising heavily laced with interactive social media campaigns and a lot of attitude. May’s efforts delivered a 6.6 lift. The “Poolball” promotion combines everything men like most - football, beer and a night out with the boys. The dance floor sized “pool” table is played with mini-soccer balls. The dance floor sized “pool” table is played with mini-soccer balls.

Recently announced “Bud United presents: The Big Time,” promises big name sports stars and celebrities to mentor aspiring young cooks, athletes and models. The call is already out for casting videos via social media, and the Facebook page is well on the way to a million fans.

Despite repeated recalls over the past year, Johnson and Johnson and Tylenol experienced a 6+ point lift this month. Although recalls have negatively impacted market share, reduced ad-budgets and resulted in lost shelf-space, the pharma giant still maintains strong Buzz scores.

Aflac quacked in at 10th with a 5.9 point lift. The rapid appointment of a new spokes-duck, after Gilbert Gottfried disgraced himself, has quickly paid dividends.