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  • I believe in…Article

    I believe in…

    The majority of Americans are skeptical about the influence of aliens on early civilizations, and a vast majority strongly disagree that Armstrong and Aldrin’s moon-landing was some kind of faked up “Truman Show.”  A large minority does, however, seem to buy into psychic powers, alternative medicines and some of the ...

    21 Jan 2015
  • Taco Bell and McDonald's breakfast wars are ragingArticle

    Taco Bell and McDonald's breakfast wars are raging

    The breakfast war is raging and it looks like Taco Bell is winning the opening battle for consumer perception battle over McDonald’s. McDonald’s general impression with fast food eaters has declined over the past two months – potentially driven by a combination of accusations of wage theft, a more expensive ...

    08 Apr 2014
  • Tri-State Area Snow Cleanup is SuccessArticle

    Tri-State Area Snow Cleanup is Success

    Winter Storm Janus created frigidly cold weather and dropped inches of snow throughout the Tri-State region.  Thousands of flights were cancelled, schools were closed and employees struggled to get to work.  We asked people in the Tri-State region how they felt about their local area’s cleanup operations after the storm. ...

    27 Jan 2014
  • Most Americans are happy every dayArticle

    Most Americans are happy every day

    In July 2011 the UN General Assembly passed a historic resolution inviting member countries to measure the happiness of their people and use this to help guide public policies.  The first UN meeting to discuss happiness was chaired by the Prime Minister of Bhutan, a country that makes public happiness ...

    19 Dec 2013
  • YouGov Giving Report 2013Article

    YouGov Giving Report 2013

    Half (49%) of Americans have given to non-profit or charitable organizations in the last 12 months. More than one third of the population (34%) donate to their church or religious institution, with 72% of those donors  make their contribution in the form of a regular tithe or gift.   Only 25% ...

    12 Dec 2013
  • Are professional cyclists riding straight?Article

    Are professional cyclists riding straight?

    Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong is not going down quietly.  In a recent interview Armstrong claims that the former president of cycling’s world-governing body knew of his doping and helped with the cover up.  How does the American public feel about professional cycling now?   Over half (58%) thinks that professional cyclists ...

    19 Nov 2013
  • CBC vs Time Warner CableArticle

    CBC vs Time Warner Cable

    Time Warner Cable and CBS are losing perception as a result of their current dispute, although Time Warner appears to be paying the heavier price. The fee dispute between cable distributor versus network escalated into blackouts when Time Warner Cable pulled the plug on CBS-TV and its Showtime network in ...

    07 Aug 2013
  • Back to School ReportArticle

    Back to School Report

    In the last four weeks, as families gear up for back to school, Target, Walmart, and Old Navy have provided the best combination of purchase consideration and value perception according to parents. While those three retailers stand clearly ahead in the back to school rankings, a second tier of four ...

    31 Jul 2013
  • Netflix on-demand and streaming customers lag on perceptionArticle

    Netflix on-demand and streaming customers lag on perception

    More than a year after its pricing debacle, Netflix’s US perception has seen a strong rebound with people who rent movies through the mail, but remains at depressed levels with online or streaming movie renters. Netflix has become a tale of two types of customers, and whether it will be ...

    06 Sep 2012