Tri-State Area Snow Cleanup is Success

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January 27, 2014, 4:25 PM GMT+0

Winter Storm Janus created frigidly cold weather and dropped inches of snow throughout the Tri-State region. Thousands of flights were cancelled, schools were closed and employees struggled to get to work. YouGov Omnibus asked Tri-State residents how they felt about their local area’s cleanup operations after the storm.

The overwhelming reaction to cleanup was positive with 39% of all adults in the Tri-State region stating that they thought their area had coped very well, and 40% thought that they had coped somewhat well. Only 7% thought the cleanup was handled poorly.

There was a variation in response depending on age and other key demographics and a slight variation depending on state.

45% of responders in Connecticut thought their area had coped very well compared to 39% in New York.

Older people, who may have weathered more violent storms with less efficient clean up operations in the past, are generally happier with cleanup efforts than Millennials. 91% of Tri-State residents aged 65+ found local cleanup had been somewhat or very well organized compared to only 66% of 18-29 year olds.

With the NJ Super Bowl approaching fast we asked Tri-State area responders if they agreed with the North East hosting the Super Bowl: 47% agreed and only 12% disagreed. 57% thought it did not matter that the Super Bowl was potentially going to be held in cold weather and 14% preferred to see the Super Bowl played in the cold.

The Tri-state area recently experienced a period of heavy snow. How well did your area cope with the heavy snow?

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