Kornacki: "House of Cards" falls down

March 22, 2013, 3:08 PM GMT+0

At a panel discussion in New York on Wednesday, MSNBC-host and Salon-writer Steve Kornacki laid into the Netflix hit series, House of Cards.

Kornacki admitted he was a fan of the original British series, but had a number of major problems with the American adaption, starring Kevin Spacey as a Democratic Representative from South Carolina.

Kornacki's criticism included:

  • Kevin Spacey's off-again, on-again southern accent
  • The idea that a white Democrat would be representing a Southern state in 2013
  • The premise that every political decision, including who will run for state office, is made in Washington, DC

The full video of Kornacki's rant can be found below, but please be aware it contains MAJOR SPOILERS for those who have not finished watching the series.

What do you think of House of Cards, Kevin Spacey and Steve Kornacki?

House of Cards

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