Fact check: Michele Bachmann

March 21, 2013, 3:25 PM GMT+0

Michele Bachmann has come under fire following a speech at CPAC where she attacked the President for his "lavish" lifestyle.

The claims she made in her speech, drawn from a self-published and unsourced book, have proved not quite accurate.

When CNN's Dana Bash attempted to question the Congresswoman about one of the claims--that the Obamas employee a dog walker using tax payer dollars--the Congressman woman refused to answer, quickly walking away.

When Bash followed her, she continued to refuse to address the question, saying that her speech was about Benghazi.

Fox New's Bill O'Reilly was none too pleased by Bachmann's antics either, criticizing her on his show last night for trivializing other more important matters with her unfounded accusations.

Said O'Reilly, "Michele Bachmann is playing small ball with the president, can’t back up her criticism, and actually trivializes a huge problem: irresponsible spending by the federal government. Two words: not good."

What do you think of Michele Bachmann, Dana Bash and Bill O'Reilly?

Michele Bachmann

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Bill O'Reilly

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