McConnell tape ignites controversy

April 09, 2013, 9:52 PM GMT+0

The 2014 race for the Kentucky Senate is again taking center stage after Mother Jones published a tape of a meeting at incumbent Mitch McConnell's offices--a tape which McConnell says was illegally made.

Tuesday morning, liberal magazine Mother Jones published an article featuring excerpts from a February 2nd recording of a meeting at McConnel's offices. In the meeting, McConnell and his staff discussed how to beat potential challenger actor Ashley Judd.

As Mother Jones writes, "During this strategy session...McConnell and his aides considered assaulting Judd for her past struggles with depression and for her religious views."

While Mother Jones reported in the story that they received the tape from a source that wished to remain anonymous, McConnell now says the tape was made illegally, alleging that his office was bugged.

As USA Today reports, McConnel told reporters today, "Last month, they were attacking my wife's ethnicity. And unbeknownst to me, they were bugging my headquarters in Nixonian fashion... That's what the political left does these days (...)"

McConnell's office has also filed an official complaint with the FBI to investigate the matter.

What do you think about Mitch McConnell, Mother Jones and Ashley Judd?

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