America Diluted

Jake GammonHead of Omnibus, US
September 01, 2015, 12:58 AM GMT+0

We are addicted to water.

Americans drink an average of five 8oz glasses a day, but think they really should be drinking 8. 62% claim that the majority of the water that goes into their body each day comes from water, rather than food, hot drinks or soda, while a resilient 8% are still consuming most of their water through coffee.

The majority of Americans credit drinking water with helping weight loss (59%), and clearer skin (50%). Almost a third (32%) think it makes them think more clearly and 34% think that drinking water makes exercise easier.

And all these positive water associations shine like a misty aura around the water drinker.

68% would describe heavy water drinkers as healthy, while nearly a quarter see them as being focused (23%), and having their lives under control (26%). 13% associate water drinking with success, which may explain all the water bottles in meetings. More than half of Americans (53%) typically carry water with them into non-exercise related activities like meetings.

69% say water is their go-to drink when they get very thirsty compared to only 10% who grab a soda. In extremes of temperature and exercise water is first choice with 94% likely to drink water during hot weather, 89% after exercise.

Although 68% of Americans think the quality of their local tap water is good, 34% drink bottled water most often compared to 28% drinking unfiltered tap.

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