49ers favorite for Super Bowl win

Ray MartinChief Executive Officer, Americas
January 31, 2013, 8:31 PM GMT+0

The 47th Super Bowl will be played in New Orleans this Sunday and millions of football fans and converts-for-the-day will be glued to their TV sets. According to our latest YouGov Omnibus survey nearly two thirds (63%) of Americans will be watching the Super Bowl, nearly a third of Americans (29%) have yet to work out which teams are going to be playing.

45% of people surveyed like watching football and intend to watch on Sunday, while another 18% don’t really like football but will be watching anyway. Men, unsurprisingly, are the most engaged with 55% both football lovers and intending to watch the game. One in five women will be reluctantly joining the festivities; 21% of women don’t like football but will be watching.

The big question – apart from will Beyoncé lip-synch – is who will triumph on the day?

The San Francisco 49ers were hot favorites in this survey over the Baltimore Ravens at 31% to 22% for all responders. And for a more informed comparison, 52% of those who correctly identified the teams expect a 49ers victory, against 35% who expect a Ravens win.

Thinking about this year's Super Bowl game, which one of the following best applies to you?

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