Valentine's Day: A day for lovers

Ray MartinChief Executive Officer, Americas
February 08, 2013, 8:17 PM GMT+0

Hope, anticipation, joy or anguish? Our latest Omnibus Survey takes a look into how Americans feel about Valentine’s Day.

For the 32% of Americans not currently in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is a mixed blessing, only 30% of them like celebrating the day at all. For those who have been in a relationship a relatively short time (two years or less), 69% like participating. A couple of decades down the line however attitudes waver; only 48% of people (in a 20 year plus relationships) still enjoy the day.

Significantly the receipt of gifts doesn’t seem to correlate with how much people like the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Although seven in ten (69%) of those who have been in a relationship for two years or less like Valentine’s Day, only 28% had a partner who always remembered to buy a gift or card. For those who have made it through their first two years and are in a two to five year relationship, lessons have been learned. In this group 51% of partners are now Valentine’s Day compliant and consistently remember to buy a gift or card.

Given their choice of activity on Valentine’s Day, a quarter of our panel is looking forward to going out for a Valentine’s Day dinner. Two in five (44%), however, would rather sit in front of the TV with a take-out. 11% would actually prefer to stay at home and tidy the house. Views vary depending on marital status and length of relationship. 47% of people in a relationship of 20 years and more liked the TV and take-out idea but clearly 20 years of house tidying takes a toll. Only 6% liked the house tidying option.

Valentine’s Day is a time of hope for some. 5% of women who don’t have anybody to celebrate with have somebody they secretly hope will be asking them. 11% of men without a Valentine’s Day date have somebody they secretly admire but are too shy to ask to be their date.

How many of us are going to be celebrating? 42% will be celebrating with a partner this year and 7% of those who aren’t in a relationship are going to go out and celebrate anyway.

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