Kimye should have gone with Kaidence

June 25, 2013, 6:17 PM GMT+0

Few Americans approve of the name Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have given to their first daughter: North West

On June 15th, rapper Kanye West and television personality Kim Kardashian gave birth to their first daughter. Rumors initially circulated that the baby was to be named "Kaidence Donda West", "Kaidence" a reference to the West's musical career and "Donda" the first name of his mother. Word later emerged, however, that the couple had in fact chosen to name their child "North West", which is, according to sourced close to the family, more "inspirational than directional" and "meant to represent new heights".

New research from YouGov shows that if it is popularity the couple were after for their choice in name, they should have stuck with Kaidence. Americans prefer Kaidence to North - but a majority don't like either.

When asked what name they prefer, 24% of Americans say Kaidence Donda and 6% say the like North. A full 58% say they don't prefer either name.

While the name North is not particularly popular with any demographic group, Kaidence does have its supporters. It scores better among women (32% of whom prefered it), those 18-29 years old (36%) and African-Americans (45%).

Although the Kardashian pregnancy attracted a lot of media attention, most Americans say they didn't pay any attention at all to it. 2% of Americans followed the story very closely and 7% followed it somewhat closely. 26%, on the other hand, say they did not follow it very closely and 64% say they didn't follow it at all.

Full results can be found here.

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