Jackman's Message Helps Spread Cancer Awareness

Jake GammonHead of Omnibus, US
May 22, 2014, 3:27 PM GMT+0

After sporting a bandage on his nose, X-men actor Hugh Jackman recently made his skin cancer treatment public. Recently, Jackman posted a photo on Instagram, warning his followers to be proactive in combating skin cancer.

Despite many Americans having direct experience of cancer through a parent (35%), sibling (12%), or close friend (36%), cancer it is still a touchy subject to talk about. 62% of Americans consider talking to people about cancer publicly difficult. When asked why, many Americans consider they are scared (73%) and don’t know what to say (71%) during the conversations, which are also awkward (49%). Those with cancer themselves have a relatively easier time talking about cancer but still 57% who have experienced cancer themselves find it a difficult subject to talk about.

Jackman’s message couldn’t have come at a better time: 36% of Americans claim to have stopped listening to health warnings because they are so contradictory. A recent study found that people who avoided sunbathing might be at risk of more deadly cancers which was surprising to 57%; however people say the news will have no impact on their sunbathing habits (78%).

60% of Americans say that celebrities warning people about the risk of cancer is a good way for them to use their fame and half of Americans (50%) agree that more people will be aware due to Hugh Jackman’s post and a celebrity speaking out about cancer brings more awareness to the issue and makes it easier for others to talk about cancer.

In his message, Jackman advocates the use of sunscreen to prevent skin cancer. The vast majority of Americans (86%) do something to lower their risk of cancer, including the use of sunscreen (45%), exercise (44%), not smoking (70%), and maintaining a good diet (56%).

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