World Cup Sponsors

Jake GammonHead of Omnibus, US
June 24, 2014, 2:37 PM GMT+0

When asked which brands were official FIFA World Cup sponsors, Americans correctly recognized Coca Cola (21%), McDonalds (19%), and Adidas (16%) as sponsors. Rates are higher amongst those who have watched at least one FIFA World Cup game and Coca Cola (48%), Adidas (45%) and McDonalds (40%) remain the most recognizable brands. Castrol (4%), Kia Motors (5%), and Johnson & Johnson (6%) were least recognized among all Americans.

Overall, 36% of Americans can correctly identify at least one official sponsor for the World Cup.

The same number of Americans who correctly identified Adidas as a sponsor, incorrectly identify Nike (16%), while 10% incorrectly identify Puma. Although Nike and Puma are not official sponsors of the World Cup, their products are often worn by the World Cup players. Pepsi (12%), AT&T (10%), American Express (10%) and MasterCard (9%) were also frequently misidentified.

31% of Americans are interested in the World Cup; 48% of those who are somewhat interested in soccer have watched a little bit of the games and 48% are also following results.

Soccer has always been deep-rooted with Hispanics and their interest in the World Cup is higher than other Americans. 68% state that they are interested in the World Cup, 59% have watched the games, and 90% (of those who have already watched) will continue to watch more.

With all this soccer watching Hispanic Americans are generally more likely to recognize World Cup Sponsors. 47% of Hispanics correctly identified any sponsor, with 36% correctly identifying Coca Cola , McDonald’s (27%) and Adidas (22%). 29% incorrectly thought Nike a sponsor.

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