Netflix announces increased Facebook integration

March 14, 2013, 9:47 PM GMT+0

Netflix announced yesterday that they are increasing the video streaming and rental service's integeration with Facebook.

As Businessweek reports, Netflix users will be able to see "on the Netflix home page which movies and TV episodes their Facebook friends have watched" and also "post to Facebook individual videos they’ve loved or hated and discuss them on their timelines (...)"

The new integration poses both benefits and potential risks. Not only will users be able to get instant recommendations from friends, they will be able to tell which of their friends has seen a movie or TV show, in case they are looking for a buddy to watch a video with or someone to talk to about what they just watched.

Yet with progress always comes danger. While users will be able to easily be able to opt out of sharing information, the chance remains that they might inadvertently share with their social network a video they would have preferred not to.

What do you think of Netflix and Facebook?


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